Tokyo on Halloween

This should get you in the mood for an entry about clubbing in Tokyo. Oh yeah, cuz they play our music. 

I spent the Saturday night before Halloween in Tokyo for the first time. I was in Tokyo until about 6 am.This entry has SO MUCH potential to be the lyrics to the next Nicki Minaj/Ke$ha/Katy Perry song…

Unfortunately I did not “take too many shots/dance on table tops/think we kissed but I forgot” and what ever other debauchery happens on Katy P’s song “Last Friday Night”. Because my friends are almost 30, and we are all a bit lame.

I actually saw these guys, they ran around as a mob and struck poses in the middle of  the streets

However, regardless of not attaining Ke$ha levels of stupidity, it was a fun night. Our goal was to go clubbing, specifically to a Halloween party at a club, after a full day of work and a two hour train ride to Tokyo, getting us there are 10:30 pm. We found the club that was having the party, and the streets were PACKED. Like, more crowded than I’ve ever seen New York or Disney World. Every club has lines outside of it which are pretty long, plus most clubs had an entry fee of about 40-50 bucks…not including any drinks. There’s music pounding from most of the clubs and vendors into the street, so you’re always hearing “Gangnam Style” or “Blow my Whistle”. We’re in Roppongi, the foreigners’ district, so there are many nationalities, though still 95% Japanese. As you walk down the street, there’s a gyro place, next to Columbian men yelling at people (mostly women), trying to get them into their Latin club, next to a 50 story Karaoke place, and so on. And by walk down the street, I mean mosh down the street. Fantastic atmosphere, although I would’ve appreciated it a lot more had I been shit-faced drunk.

The Costumes. I stole some pics from the internet, since I didn’t take my camera. But Tokyo on Halloween is an American teen boy’s wet dream. Seriously. So many tiny, slutty Japanese chicks. I have never seen so many Japanese girl butt cheeks in my life. And never need to again .

We ended up going to a club called “Gas Panic” which was playing American club music and was so packed that it was impossible to actually stand still. You just kinda moved wherever you got pushed to. You also had to have a drink in your hand at all times or you got kicked out.  We had one expensive drink and left, because there wasn’t even really enough room to dance. We then wandered the streets of Tokyo for like 3 straight hours, got some sake from a convi and drank it while we walked (you can do that in Japan), and made it to the Shibuya district…(literally, the “young people” district, mostly for like…25 year olds and younger. My friends are 27 and 29 and said that they were really too old for it, but that I was appropriately-aged). We were going to go to one of my friends favorite clubs, but when we got there at 2:30 AM there was still a line two blocks longs to get in, and a $30 cover. We decided to say fuck it and do karaoke until 5:30 in the morning instead.

Karaoke in Japan is different than in the US, and in my opinion SO much better. You rent a private room with some friends or coworkers for a set amount of time. It’s got a comfy padded seating area around a big table and a karaoke machine with tv. You can order drinks (alcoholic or non) and food to be brought up to your room. And then you rock out with just your friends, taking turns making songs. It’s pretty awesome, I’m kind of addicted already.

So I pulled an all nighter in Tokyo, clubbing, wandering the streets, and rocking out on the tenth floor of a karaoke skyscraper, dancing in front of a window looking down on the street.

Not too shabby.

And one more link: …I actually saw this guy in real life.


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    10/30/2012 at 7:15 pm

  2. This sounds awesome! And karaoke sounds better than Rumpy's 😉

    11/01/2012 at 5:04 am

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