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Getting Mail is The Most Exciting Thing.

It really is. It pretty much makes my entire day, if not week. And today, when I got to the post office, THREE PACKAGES AND A LETTER were waiting for me.  One package contained necessities from home: medication, socks, tights, clothes, toothbrush replacement heads, etc. These mundane items are exciting in and of themselves. First of all, the toothbrushes here are…abysmal. They’re tiny, they don’t do a good job,  and there’s no variety. Japanese people, for residents of a first world country, have awful teeth. So, believe it or not, getting new heads for my battery powered toothbrush (which was the best ten dollar investment of my life) is actually REALLY EXCITING. My teeth feel so squeaky clean as I type. 😀 Getting replacement clothes is great too. All women know that tights and nylons rip relatively frequently, and they are pretty vital pieces of a woman’s wardrobe in Japan. 1. Dresses and skirts are common, even in winter, so double layering these is sometimes necessary to cope with colder temperatures. 2. It’s really in vogue in Japan right now to wear tights under tailored shorts year-round, including during the colder months. 3. Due to the extremely inefficient heating systems here, I can definitely see myself wanting a pair to wear under jeans or dress pants somedays (and then they can double as socks for dressier shoes). Also, finding these items in Japanese stores to fit both my girth and leg length is nearly impossible (especially the length).  And wardrobe refreshers keep me from spending money on clothes here, which is great. Plus my parents sent me a really cute new hat to keep me cozy!

My other package from my parents, and my Christmas present from Amanda included SO MANY Christmas decorations. I was in such a bad mood prior to opening these, and they immediately turned my day around (bad mood due to in general dealing with Japanese bullshit which I was not in the mood to deal with…cultural things…constant communication errors, terrible drivers, etc.) I put on some Christmas tunes and started decorating and I’ve been in a great mood since. 🙂 I have a couple of garlands, some ornaments, 4 strings of lights,  a tiny tree, and a candle that smells like pine (PERFECT).  I actually got too many lights for my little apartment, so I spread Christmas cheer by giving a string to one of my American friends, and I’m going to take a string to one of my more run-down schools on Thursday.

To top it off, I got great letters from my parents and a funny and interesting card from my friend Natalie. I’m really blessed to have so many great people in my life from so many great places. Love and miss you all! Thanks for making my apartment feel so much more like a home!