New Post in a New Blog


I decided to switch over to WordPress and give it a try, because every time I opened Blogger it was making me furious. (Photo uploading and formatting was an especial headache, which you may have been able to tell by the fact that all of my photos looked like they were formatted by a drunken blind man. They weren’t. That was me.

I’ve also added a flickr account, which you can access to the right, I believe. The flickr account will have all of my edited photos related to the blog on it (I’ll probably only be including 1-2 photos in the blog itself now per post). If you want to see a lot of unedited photos from Japan, you can access them from my facebook page. Definitely check out the flickr account though, because I spent wayyy too long editing those photos.

If you have any issues or questions with the way this pay is formatted (I’m lookin’ at you, old people), let me know, since the layout is somewhat alterable.

I’ll be working on a real post shortly, but I wanted to introduce you to the new blog! Hope you enjoy. jed23


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