Tokyo and a Cat Cafe

My Cat Cafe experience occurred in December, but as nothing fascinating happened in my life this week, I thought I should bust out some cute cat pictures to distract you from the lull of not having anything worthwhile to say. 😀 I can tell you’re excited.

When patronizing a cat cafe one pays by the hour to enjoy the presence of cats, essentially. It’s actually a really nice, relaxing place. It’s pretty spacious (especially considering you’re in the country of NO SPACE EVERRRR), with lots of comfy couches, chairs, footrests, and kotastsu. Kotatsu are low tables (you sit on cushions on the floor when using them) with a blanket attached, which the tabletop goes over the top of. There’s also a heater on the underside of the table. So, when you sit at one of these, it’s like your legs have entered a lovely cave of warmth. I have actually fallen asleep under one of these once. They’re very pleasant. For pictures and wikipedia’s wisdom of kotastsu, please follow this link which I have quite lazily provided: 

The cat cafe also had several large bookshelves full of books (all in Japanese…womp womp), games scattered throughout, laptops, and outlets, all of which are free to patrons once you’ve paid the hourly price. The hourly price I think was around $12 for the first hour, but then less after that. The initial price also includes a hot tea or coffee of your choice. 

I have a little card from the cat cafe that explains to me, in Japanese, the rules of the cat cafe. I believe they are essentially…be nice to the cats, don’t pick them up, and don’t wake them up or bother them if they are sleeping. There were no children there when I went to the cat cafe, and I have a feeling that children under a certain age aren’t allowed, though I’m not sure. I also now have a punch card for this cat cafe, so that if I go back a million times, one day I will be allowed to be in the presence of cats for free. 

The cats are all very sociable and calm. They’ll play, but they’re all very well acclimated to each other and to people. The humans who work at the cat cafe also clean the place obsessively, so even though there are cats everywhere, there in no cat hair on any of the furniture. It’s really quite impressive. 


I named this cat Mr. Shags

All in all, it was a really nice, warm, quiet, comfortable place to unwind and rest after a long day in Tokyo, and I’d go again. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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  1. Great article! Love the pics! 🙂

    02/21/2013 at 2:19 pm

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