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Tokyo Skytree


The Tokyo Skytree is the world’s highest broadcasting tower, and has a 360 degrees observation deck which rises 450 meters above the streets of Tokyo (450 meters is about 1,476 feet, or a little more than a quarter mile for you Imperial System users). I normally tend to shun observations decks of any kind, seeing that they seem kind of like a money wasting tourist trap to me (Eiffel Tower excluded, because it’s pretty). Tokyo Skytree, however, is worth the visit even if you don’t end up going up to see the view (which is probably also worth it, I’ll admit begrudgingly). 

The views from the observation deck allow you to see 70 meters in all directions, and are…beautiful. My friends and I went up at twilight (you technically are only allowed to stay up there for a half an hour, but no one was pestering us to go down, there’s enough people that it’s pretty chaotic). The sky was still light blue and a little hazy when we arrived and by the time we lift we could see the lights and neon of nighttime Tokyo.


Tokyo Skytree is also (how surprising) a huge mall (like everything else in Japan) and has its own train station below it (again, not surprised). The easiest way to access the Skytree is by train via the Tobu Skytree line to the Tokyo Skytree Station: I didn’t do much exploring in the mall itself, but there did appear to be some good Tokyo souvenir shops (which you won’t find in the trendy parts of Tokyo) and an AMAZING specialty chocolate shop. I’d recommend stopping into the chocolate shop, the 100% Chocolate Cafe (, just to check out all the strange flavors, even if you’re not a chocoholic yourself. I bought  few souvenir chocolates to try and an orange juice and chocolate syrup drink (delicious!).